What awaits you here or, more precisely, what can you find at this special site?
I am involved with many themes. For example you can advertise here for free, or just redesign your desktop with a new look. Furthermore you find in the download area free files for some different programs (Milkshape 3D, Bryce, Blender 3D and FPS-Creator), are themes with which I am sometimes involved in my free time.
Of course includes the maintenance and updating of the website to do so. Here I use Joomla! a familiar content management system (CMS).

Have a look around, maybe you can find something of interest for you.

-English translation is still under construction.-

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Last 2 Projects

  • WebGl-Garage
  • WebGl-Garage
  • WebGl-Garage
  • WebGl-Garage
  • Maybach Exelero
  • Camaro
  • Honda CBR
  • Buick Riviera


Last 2 Images

Grass Field
Skull / Rose

Gallery info / "seamless textures for 3D modeling"

(registered Users)

- all pictures for free

- please contact me for commercial usage

- I want to present 2 programs, with which I’m working sometimes ;-)

- Bryce and Terragen

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  • User Upload

    At this point users of 3d-hobby-art.de may provide to other users their own created 3D models and templates (Joomla!, CSS).

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  • Download - Info

    All downloads for free,
    it is though not allowed to use these downloaded files as belonging to your copyright.

    Please contact me before commercial usage. (for complete downloads or even for some parts of them)

    Unzipping downloaded files requires the usage of programs like WinRar, WinZip or 7zip.

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