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Saturday, 30 September 2017 10:50
Gimp script-fu Explode!

Gimp script-fu Explode!

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    Add special stone explosion effects to your photo.

    Gimp 2.8.18
    Download Gimp
    2 leyers must be present "background", "brush-mask"
    LayerFX for 2.8 (Python-Fu)
    Please read the following Tutorial

    1. Installation

    unpack the archive
    The .zip archive from GitHub is structured (folder hierarchy) as you find it in their local Gimp install directory.
    Copy all files/ folders in this directory "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0" or use Gimp User Folder "C:\Users\Your User Name\.gimp-2.8\"
    Now start Gimp
    for a quick start, you can use the template "skull.explode.start.xcf"

    2. Prepare the picture

    open an image of your choice (RGB, RGBA) and name this layer "background"
    good results I have conceded with image sizes of 2500px and higher (picture 1)
    create a new layer above the "background" layer called "brush-mask" (picture 2). With the "brush-mask" layer selected, brush onto the areas of your photo that you want to apply the effect to.

    Please pay attention to the correct spelling of all 2 layers "background" and "brush-mask" (picture 2).

    3.start Script

    Calling the script

    • " / Script-Fu / Explode / Explode ..."
      (picture 3)

    • picture 3
      picture 3

    4. The script window

    • picture 4
      picture 4
      • Glow:
        Set the glow color here.
      • Run Interactive Mode?
        (expert mode)
      • Undo Mode?
        depending on the computer performance. Tip: Save your picture before you run the script so you can revert your picture ("File / Revert")
    Now you can run the script with "OK"

    In the script process, you will have to make 3 entries (picture 5, picture 6). 2 times you will be prompted for input "Solid Noise ... " ( Picture 5) and finally " IWarp " (Picture 6). Play with the settings.
    "Solid Noise ..." filter is responsible for the dark cracks around the object in the picture.
    "IWarp ..." filter is responsible for isolated glow points around the object.

    Depending on the size of your image could take several minutes.
    The script in action:
    If you benefit from my work, please, support my work.
    Download on GitHub
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