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Gimp script-fu Pixels!

Gimp script-fu Pixels!

Use the script "Pixels!" for a retro pixel image composition in Gimp.
The following requirements must be met:

Gimp 2.10
Download Gimp
2 layers must be available "background", "area-brush"
Please read the following tutorial
LayerFX for 2.8 (Python-Fu)

1. Installation

unpack the archive
The .zip archive from GitHub is structured (folder hierarchy) as you find it in their local Gimp install directory. Copy all files/ folders in this directory "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0" or use Gimp User Folder "C:\Users\Your User Name\.gimp-2.8\" (Gimp v2.10: "C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10")
Now start Gimp
for a quick start, you can use the template "pixels.001.xcf"

Prepare the picture

Open an image of your choice (RGB, RGBA)
good results I have conceded with image sizes of 2500px and higher (picture 1)
create a new layer ("area-brush") and "mask" your object (picture 2)

Please pay attention to the correct spelling of all 2 layers "background" and "area-brush" (picture 2).

3. start Script

paintbrush setting

  • make the following paintbrush settings (picture 5, circled in red) "Apply Jitter" before running the script. At a value between 12-20 you achieve very good results.

  • picture 5
    picture 5

Calling the script

  • " / Script-Fu / Pixels! Effect / Pixels! ..."
    (picture 6)

  • picture 6
    picture 6

4. The script window

  • picture 7
    picture 7
    • Add background:
      Select here the background color for the new image.
    • Pattern:
      Select the size of the pixel pattern
    • Run Interactive Mode?
      (expert mode)
    • Undo Mode?
      depending on the computer performance. Tip: Save your picture before you run the script so you can revert your picture ("File / Revert")
Now you can run the script with "OK"
Depending on the size of your image could take several minutes.
The script in action:
inspired by Pixels (Photoshop action script).
If you benefit from my work, please, support my work.
Download on GitHub

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