Milkshape 3D:

MilkShape 3D is a shareware program to create files in a 3D model.
Usage is free for 30 days. After this time you have to register at the manufacturer for 25€ or US$25.

MilkShape 3D works with the following formats: Call of Duty, Unreal, Half-Life,
Unreal Tournament 2003 (SMD format), Quake, Doom 3 and many more.
Of course, animations are supported.


A short discription to Bryce you can find in my gallery.


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Your own Ego-Shooter... with FPS Creator.

Use this 3D editor tool to design your own levels, enemies, monster, weapons, ammunition and lighting.
Thanks to the comprehensive database with numerous 3D objects, it succeeds to make an own 3D-Shooter.

Some futures: physics engine, multiplayer mode, script support, different enemy types and several types of weapons...

Blender 3D:

The free 3D modeling and 3D rendering software Blender is meanwhile receivable in the version 2.7.

Blender supports both curves and meshes, so-called NURBS and metaballs - 3D objects.
Mit Blender erstellt der Anwender dank der Morphing-Werkzeuge Keyframe-Animationen.
Fertig gerenderte Bilder exportiert er nach Bedarf als PNG, TGA, JPG, SGI, Iris und IFF-Dateien. Umfangreiche Auswahlwerkzeuge und Rendering nur für gewählte Ausschnitte runden das kostenlose 3D-Programm ab.

Blender eignet sich hervorragend für eigentlich alles was mit 3D zu tun hat.
Disadvantage: Long time to incorporate.