Download - Area Update (Responsive - bxSlider)

New Download added. This includes a further Slideshow module for Joomla! v2.5, 3.x.

BxSlider v4.1.1 is a tiny jQuery plugin that was developed by Steven Wanderski.
Under the same license, I have written a module for Joomla! v2.5. Below you will find 2 demos Slideshows with different settings.

-No demo available-
  • simple HTML markup
  • CSS3 or jQuery transitions
  • touch support
  • Video support FitVids 1.0 Plugin (eng)
  • jQuery Easing v1.3 Plugin (eng)(various transition effects)
  • responsive
  • works in all popular desktop and mobile browsers
  • many settings
  • CSS Themes
  • and much more ...
-No demo available-


Touch Options


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